Eco Friendly Contracting and Design Build is a Full Service Construction Project Management Company.

We specialize in superior designing and construction of all types. Our Construction is clean with a

modernized touch, but never overdone. We have developed a signature product with a look that can be

personalized  to suit any style imaginable! 
Architect Service​

  Eco Friendly contracting Utilizes our own in-house architect to

assure we encompass your vision and make it ours...all to bring your

dream-project to life and In this phase, our architect observes the pace

and quality of construction. As your agent, our architect looks out

for your interests, keeping you informed of the project’s progress and

overseeing any changes or problems that may arise. This

services is helpful in keeping your project on track and within


Schematic Design
Eco friendly will provide concept sketches of design

options and explain how they meet the requirements

discussed in the programming stage. The overall scope

of the project, proposed building materials, and a

preliminary budget related to the schematic design are

also discussed. Refinements are made until you

approve the design

Design development

Our in-house designer will prepare detailed drawings and finalizE your design plans, showing actual

sizes and shapes for rooms. Construction specifications will be outlined, listing the major materials

to be used. When you approve the design drawings, he prepares a "client friendly" cost estimate for

your approval.